King Harvest And The Weight are: Ben Adey (Vocals/Bass), Justin Edley (Drums) and Oliver Smith (Guitar/Vocals).

With sensibilities hailing from a pre-punk era where songwriting reigned supreme, KH&TW take seemingly disparate elements of ’60s pop and ’70s rock and neatly package them into concise, brawny morsels of garage-rock fire.

Infused with an undercurrent of ’70’s cool; tumultuous riffs and a feverish energy, Adey describes KH&TW’s debut album Maps as “A high energy, food times record”. It covers so many bases that it plays like the greatest lost mixtape – A dashboard discovery for a hot summers day!

Ben continues: “The Mission statement for KH&TW from the get-go was that we wanted to un-ashamedly echo those beautiful, bygone days, when young people would lie back and breathe-in albums like Jailbreak, Physical Graffiti and A Day at the Races.”

But what they do is no cloying exercise in classic rock nostalgia. KH&TW’s infectious melodies, sun-dappled hooks and uplifting choruses channel a freewheeling spirit that has never gone out of style.

The debut album Maps is released on June 20th 2016, via Harbour Song/SRD Distribution.

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